Simultania is a crowd-sourced video artwork by Erin Cooney in which people filmed their simultaneous experiences of reality for one minute on November 13, 2010, at exactly 4pm UTC/GMT. The recordings were time-stamped to a consistent time-source in order to ensure perfect syncing. The more than 300 simultaneous experiences play back together and in perfect sync below, offering the viewer a hyper-perspective on a single moment in time.


Simultaneous Experiences: From One to Many


Simultaneous Experiences: Fast Cuts


Simultaneous Experiences: Merged


Simultaneous Experiences: In Detail

(Motion Credits: Erin Cooney & Martin Libich)







Simultania as an Interactive Experience

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Use your mouse to control movement and speed

Interactive Installation Credits:
Martin Libich, Bruno Fonzi & Xavi Vives Riba
Influxis is Simultania's Streaming Partner